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When you sign the Hertz Rental Agreement, you automatically receive our limited liability, which is stipulated on the reverse side of the Rental Agreement.


- Hertz's liability protection is included in the rates.

- Hertz's liability protection is primary. Your car insurance would not become involved until the limits of Hertz's liability have been reached.
- Hertz's liability protection applies to all authorized drivers of the Hertz vehicle.


Any physical damage to the Hertz vehicle is the sole responsibility of the renter, regardless of fault, unless "Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)" is purchased. If you purchase LDW, you will not be responsible for loss or damage to the Hertz vehicle except to the extent of any applicable deductible.


Liability protection and LDW will be void, if violations listed on the Rental Agreement occur. Exclusion of protection can vary by location and should be verified at the rental counter.  

Liability protection up to a single limit of CAD1 Million per accident for bodily injury or property damage combined, is included.



Exclusion of coverage may occur when the vehicle is used as follows:


-To carry persons or property for hire.
-To propel or tow any vehicle, trailer or other subject in any race or contest
-To instruct an unlicensed person in vehicle operation
-For any illegal purposes.


Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)

LDW is an optional service which relieves your financial responsibility for the loss of, or damage to the Hertz vehicle resulting from any cause, except to the extent of any deductible, if applicable, provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms of the Rental Agreement. Cost of LDW may vary depending on location or vehicle type and is charged per each full or partial day of rental.


F.Y.I. - various credit card companies provide cardholders with varying degrees of damage protection provided you use their charge card for the rental and decline the optional LDW offered by Hertz at time of rental. The coverage and limits vary - be sure to check specifics with your credit card company prior to rental. Since you may choose to decline Hertz's coverage, you will be responsible to Hertz for the full value of any damage due to loss of or damage to the Hertz vehicle. If loss does occur, you must then submit a claim for reimbursement to your credit card company.


Adding LDW after vehicle is on rental:

You may not change the option once the rental has begun, without returning the vehicle and starting a new Rental Agreement. This will result in the contract being closed out and charges being assessed for the time you kept the vehicle (at least 1 day minimum), and a new rental contract will begin.


Personal Accident Insurance and Personal Effects Coverage have a combined rate. They are not sold separately. 


Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

Personal Accident Insurance is an optional coverage for any accident involving death or bodily injury during the rental period for the renter and passengers.


The renter is covered for the entire duration of the rental, in or out of the vehicle. Passengers are only covered while entering, occupying or leaving the Hertz vehicle.


PAI coverage:



Benefit Schedule


Each Passenger

Accidental Death

$ 100,000.00


Loss of both hands, both feet, or both eyes



Loss of one hand and one foot



Loss of one hand and one eye or foot and one eye



Loss of speech and hearing



Loss of one arm or one leg



Loss of one hand, one foot or one eye



Loss of speech or hearing



Loss of thumb and index finger of one hand



Loss of hearing in one ear



Loss of use of both arms or both legs



Loss of use of both hands or both feet



Loss of use of one hand and one foot












Exclusions: The policy excludes coverage if the vehicle is in violation of the Rental Agreement and for losses resulting from:


Personal Effects Coverage (PEC)


Personal Effects Coverage is an optional insurance for the loss of or damage to personal effects of the renter and immediate family traveling and residing with the renter.


PEC coverage:


The maximum coverage for each covered individual during the rental period is $500 after a deductible of $25 per covered claim. The maximum coverage for all individuals during the rental period is $1,500 involving a maximum of three (3) occupants of the vehicle after application of the deductible.


-Personal items covered are insured both while in or out of the rental car.

-Personal Effects Insurance will be paid in addition to any other homeowners' coverage.


PEC applies to personal effects only and not to car equipment. The following are examples of items NOT covered by the PEC:

Also, PEC does not cover:


If loss or damages occur, completion of claim form must accompany claim. Forms available at all Hertz Corporate locations.


All losses must be reported to the police and there must be signs of forcible entry. Property is valued at actual cash value and not replacement cost. A copy of the police report must accompany claim.



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