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Hertz vehicles cannot be driven into and/or dropped off in any African, Asian or Middle-East countries, nor in Albania, Armenia, Andorra, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Uzbekistan.


If traveling outside Sweden, with the exception of the countries above, please inform the rental location at the beginning of the rental which countries you intend to visit.


Hertz vehicles may be driven into but not dropped off in Austria, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Poland and Portugal.


Should the vehicle be driven outside Sweden, a Cross Border Fee of SEK 375.00 (including tax) per rental for driving into Norway, Finland and Denmark and of SEK 375.00 (including tax) per day with a maximum of SEK 1,875.00 (including tax) per rental for all other countries where you can drive into will apply.


The following vehicle groups may be driven but not dropped off outside of Sweden - However, please contact your Reservation Centre as specific conditions apply.


(A4) Ford Connect 2.5m3 or similar

(B4) Renault Trafic 5.9m3 or similar

(C4) Renault Master 10m3 or similar

(D4) Renault Master 17m3 or similar

(E4) Renault Master 17m3 or similar


International one-way rentals are not allowed for cargo vans.


Driving outside of Sweden is not allowed for vehicle group (W) Renault Trafic Passenger or similar. 


One-way rentals are not allowed for vehicle group (A) Hertz Mystery Vehicle.


If the vehicle is picked up in Kiruna Airport, Kiruna Railway Station or Kiruna Scandic Hotel and is driven into Finland or Norway an additional fee of SEK 500.00 (including tax) will apply to cover possible toll fees.


Returns to certain locations with vehicle groups (C4) Renault Master - 10m3 or similar, (D4) Renault Master - 17m3 or similar and (E4) Renault Master 17m3 or similar are available on request only due to the height of the vehicles and the limited space available at the parking garage. 


During the period from 1 October to 30 April Swedish vehicles may be equipped with spiked winter tyres. Due to this, all reservations where the customer will drive outside Sweden must be requested to the location.


Dipped headlights must be used when driving on all roads within Sweden at all times (day and night).


You are allowed to take the vehicle onto a train with the same restrictions applying for a ferry. Please refer to "Ferry Restrictions".


Should these restrictions be ignored, all insurance (Third Party Liability, CDW, TP, PAI) if accepted, shall be deemed, null and void. The driver will be held fully responsible in case of damage to or loss of the vehicle and will bear all consequences, including the cost of repatriation of the damaged vehicle.


For more information on the fee applied for the use of the toll bridge between Sweden and Denmark, please visit www.sund1.com.


*Please refer to "Environmental Zones" in the German Rental Qualifications & Requirements if you intend to drive to or drop the vehicle in Germany.


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